Agency Spotlight: Plan B

When we asked Plan B to participate in our Agency Spotlight series, we had something special in mind for them. Something no agency had done before. They sent us the below response:

Dear Creative Ham,

Thank you for your offer. We agree that it would be an “eye-catching” way to profile a “transparency” minded agency such as ours. We’re flattered. Truly.

However, we feel that a “tastefully produced fully nude gallery” featuring our creative department may not be the best way to showcase Plan B.

We discussed your proposal as an agency and decided it would be in everyone’s best interest to stick to a more traditional agency profile. We hope this is okay. The anticipated flood of fan mail notwithstanding, taking a day away from client work to accommodate such a shoot would be antithetical to our philosophy of being an efficient, on-demand creative partner. I’m sure you understand.

Plus, we’re far too modest for that. It probably stems from the work ethic instilled in us by the agency partners: three Indiana boys who ground their teeth at a number of the “big” Chicago agencies before figuring out they could do it better themselves. That was over 15 years ago, so they must’ve figured right.

So, if it’s okay with you, we’d feel more comfortable if this post simply featured a few facts and photos about us instead of our full monty. Our innovative 4D approach to marketing may not generate the same buzz, and our core values of efficiency and transparency won’t likely drive the same traffic, but we do feel it’s a little more appropriate.

So, thanks again. Really, truly flattered. But we’ve got a lot more to offer here than our hot bods.

The Plan B Team

You can’t win them all. Without further ado — meet Plan B:


Plan B was forged in 1998, out of a pragmatic frustration with the ‘big agency’ approach to advertising, with its straightjacket branding processes and debilitating dependence on big-budget broadcast media. Read more

Agency: Plan B
Location: Chicago, IL





Interview With Maria Scileppi, Director Of 72U

If you’re looking to break into the advertising industry, you should look into 72U, a new program hosted by 72andSunny in Los Angeles.

Deadline for applications is April 5th, 2013, after which point they’ll be taking rolling applications for their October session. Learn more about the program at

Maria, director of 72U, was kind enough to answer a couple of questions about the new program below.

What is 72U — and how is it different from a typical ad agency internship?

72U is not a portfolio school and it’s not an internship. It’s more like a strategic art school for the maker. We’ll be fully integrated into the agency; participants of 72U will be dispersed among the agency, people from 72andSunny will be tapped to come in and speak on specific topics or lead a workshop and each 72Uer will have two mentors from the agency (one junior type person and one senior type person). Every Friday we will put our work “on the wall” for the agency to see/weigh in on/write comments. The Wall is a big part of 72andSunny’s culture. The philosophy is, “When it’s on your computer it’s yours, when it’s on the wall it’s ours”. Anyone can take a look and suggest how to make something better.

Even though 72U will be fully integrated into the agency we’ll also be doing our own thing. About 80% of the stuff we’ll make will not be advertising. It will be social experiments and projects that explore creative self expression, culture and story telling. We’ll be making things in all different mediums; websites, videos, art, events, new platforms.

Who can apply? What do you look for in candidates?

Anyone can apply. We do not require a college degree but we do require the person has a talent and some life/work experience. We’re looking for makers – people who are just compelled to make stuff. People who don’t wait to be told or wait to be paid to put something out into the world. We’re looking to build an interdisciplinary team of 6 so we’re looking to have as many skill sets covered within the 6. Each person should have their own domain of expertise that they can bring to the group. On our dream list of talents is an artist who works in code or a coder who wants to make conceptual stuff.

Learn more at

2013 Young Ones Competition



We are excited to release the 2013 Young Ones Competition briefs!

This year’s competition offers students a choice of two briefs aimed at creating solutions for social change. The first, Pencils for Promises, gives students the opportunity to shed light on the global education crisis affecting millions of students across the globe. The second, Justice By Design, provides students with the opportunity to tackle human rights issues by using design to communicate data for the sake of social justice.

Learn more and download the briefs at